About HTX Labs

HTX Labs delivers training solutions for the enterprise using the latest in immersive training technology. Through our platform, EMPACT™, you will be able to train your people while taking advantage of the most effective and efficient training technologies available.

Whether you need to train your employees in basic safety behaviors or you are interested in taking your business intelligence to scale through an immersive training platform using the latest in Virtual Reality, EMPACT is ready to get your company started today. Some of the biggest brands in safety and security are already using EMPACT to protect their employees and learn about the possibilities of immersive training, we welcome you to a new world where safety training is as impactful as it is important to the success of your enterprise.

Why Virtual Reality?

VR enables the most immersive and memorable training, it unlocks the possibility of “learning by doing” while keeping the training efficient and effective. Through its use, the cost of training can be cut significantly since it allows training to take place remotely, in complex scenarios with repeatable conditions without having to spend money and time flying people to physical locations, or creating costly interruptions to the day to day at facilities or offices. In addition to making the training more efficient, relative to costly site visits and real world scenarios, virtual reality training has been demonstrated to be more engaging than traditional training mediums like powerpoint presentations and video. Training through virtual reality brings the lessons of your business through the most captivating medium of our time.


With EMPACT, you will have the ability to leverage the curriculum structure of our experience management platform, to ensure that your employees receive the best content in a scalable, repeatable way, and have the knowledge they need to improve their performance in situations where quick decision making, and general safety and security are crucial. Our platform supports unique features that leverage the benefits of virtual reality, increasing situational awareness, preparedness, and demonstrating the best practices compiled through our collaborations with subject matter experts. Our platform makes your expertise available throughout your organization, and enables opportunities for monetizing your best practice through our network of integrators.