Training Solutions

EMPACT is a commercially-available, immersive training system that uses Virtual Reality (VR) technology to place people into highly-realistic situations that accelerate human preparedness and performance. The EMPACT product is targeted at businesses and organizations, and includes standard training courses that focus on conditioning situational awareness to improve decision-making and reduce human error.



Designed to introduce training through virtual reality. This introductory package gives you all you need to bring immersive training to your organization, and bring an unlimited number of users through our corporate safety training curriculum.
– EMPACT training software
– HTC® Vive VR hardware and computer
– Active Shooter & Fire Safety training
Our enterprise solution brings the empact platform to scale through advanced integrations with learning management systems, additional form factors, and distributed real-time learning across geography. For organizations that need scalable solutions across multiple facilities and a large workforce.
– All of the benefits of the other tiers
– Learning Management System
– Curriculum Integration



Available to EMPACT Customers

Virtualize your Facility
Our solution allows us to virtualize a physical facility (e.g., office, stadium, hospital) and deploy existing corporate training courses within a familiar virtual environment. Familiarize your employees, visitors, and first-responders with specific features and aspects of your facility anytime, anywhere.
Create Custom Experiences

Our solution enables the creation of new, high-value training courses to improve the effectiveness and preparation of your workforce. These training courses may be used to teach and reinforce corporate policies and best practices, and qualify your workforce against corporate guidelines and objectives.